Breaking the Sea

the ministry and online journal of christa parrish


I've never had a word, one chosen or prayed for or given by God to focus and sustain throughout the year, though I've seen others with them. The other day, while I was sweeping the living room floor, I heard mine.


Our family is tired, particularly my husband and I. We spent three years vigilant and exhausted with a critically-ill daughter, walking through five major surgeries. And then another year blindsided by a diagnosis of heart failure, and a new medication regime to stabilize her. We planted a church and poured every ounce of ourselves into it, too often at the expense of sleep, or nutrition, or sabbath. We developed a mindset of poverty in many ways, and it ate away at even our most faithful places.

We were empty.

This year is the year we nourish. To me, nourishment is filling up to have the ability to pour out. And that is my intention. Nourish my faith, my soul, my creativity so everything I do nourishes someone else. My husband. My children. Those I see in church and community on a daily, weekly, monthly basis. Those I will never see, on the other side of the earth, but whose lives I impact with the choices I make. To be intentional in all things, that my food and buying choices and actions and focus all nourishes others.

Already there is a difference in how I feel, how I interact with my children, how I prepare meals and view those things I consider vital to the kingdom of heaven. Already I begin to feel less empty more ready to give and engage and, yes, nourish the world around me.

What is your focus for 2017?